Besides Pouring HanaHotties Gourmet hot sauce on prepared foods, such as pizza, taco, salad etc…try some on raw oysters, clams, all kinds of sea foods, and here are some wonderful recipes to share with your ohana.

Quick ribs

HanaHotties Gourmet Poke:

Poke is made with fresh sashimi; Ahi (tuna) is used in this poke. The Ahi can be substituted with Tako (octopus),Ika (Calamari/squid), mussels, clams, shrimp, salmon etc….you get the idea. Ika and Tako should be blanched. Better yet quick grilled/seared for even more flavor. For a Vegan version substitute the fish with Tempeh.

Usually made with shoyu (soy sauce), onions and other spices, the following is a simple HanaHotties Poke.

1 pound Ahi, cut into ½ inch cubes

1 large ripe avocado cubed the same size as the Ahi.

2 TBS shoyu (soy sauce) may need to add more depending on the size of the avocado or taste preference.

1 clove mashed garlic

4 TBS HanaHotties Mango Hot sauce (or your other favorite HanaHotties hot sauce) may need to add more depending on the size of the avocado or taste preference.

1 clove mashed garlic

4 TBS HanaHotties Mango Hot sauce (or other HanaHotties flavor hot sauce).

1 TBS toasted sesame oil

Juice from ½ limed (or lemon)

Optional: paper thin sliced ½ cup red onion (tastier if you marinate the sliced onions in balsamic vinegar, sea salt and lime juice. You can make loads of this marinated onion and store in a jar in the fridge for quite a while it can be used in many different dishes, salads, as a garnish etc…)

More options: sliced green onions, Kim Chee or sliced chives

Mix everything but the Aha and Avocado in a large bowl. Then add the Ahi and avocado into the bowl. Mix gently so the Ahi and Avocado do not bust into pieces or mush up (kind of a folding action one uses in folding whip cream, if you know what I mean).

Enjoy! This dish can be rolled up with some rice into a hand roll, or a wrap with some of your favorite vegetable or fruit. Try it you will love it!

HanaHotties Hot Wings:  Simple and fast, a party favorite

5 lbs chicken wings,
5 oz. HanaHotties Hot Sauce any flavor you crave (mango, papaya, pineapple or lilikoi/guava)
1/4 lb. butter or 2 TBS olive oil (both optional)

2 Tb HanaHotties spice rub (more or less to taste)
1 ts salt (optional or to taste)

Deep fry (dry batter recipe below) or grill the chicken wings until it is fully cooked. Put the HanaHotties Hot Sauce (if you decide to use the butter make sure that it is liquefied and mixed thoroughly into the sauce) and the rest of the ingredients into a bowl large enough to mix the chicken and the rest of the ingredients. Put the chicken wings into the bowl making sure that each piece is coated nicely with the sauce.

Dry batter for chicken wings (as well as breast, thigh and legs for fried chicken):

1 cup flour (can be whole wheat flour if you prefer)
1 TB HanaHotties spice rub (original or HOT)
mix ingredients in a large bowl.
mix chicken parts in  the bowl with dry ingredients.
coat the chicken parts with the dry mixture,
put pieces on a plate or tray cover and place in fridge approx. (one hour or until “doughy” coating forms ready for frying, will keep over night in this state of preparation).
The chicken should have a “doughy” coating on it after a certain time in the fridge (the dry mixture should have transformed into a “slightly wet” consistency).
Place chicken into deep fry (375 degree) 7-10 mins (chicken wing, 10 mins or  more for thigh, breast and leg) look for browning and crisping on the chicken for signs of deliciousness. 
Drain well for few minutes in wire basket.
follow chicken wing recipes above with vegetable instead if you like.

Wet Beer Batter recipe for vegetable, fish, and pork or chicken strips:

Cut the deep fry ingredient into uniform pieces to allow similar frying time.
Consistency should be a tiny bit thinner than pancake batter.
1 cup flour
1 cup dark beer OR club soda
2 TBS HanaHotties  spice rub (either original or HOT)
Mix ingredients in a large cold bowl.
Bring deep fryer to at least 375 degrees.
Dip pieces into the batter shake off excess batter.
Place into fryer, look for crisping edges for completion, drain in wire basket
Fast and easy, everybody loves it!

HanaHotties Hot Fish:

deep fry fish pieces as described with wet batter.
mix fried fish into  bowl with same sauce used for chicken wings (see above).
place fish pieces into fish tacos…..UNREAL!! 

 HanaHotties Fish Taco:

keep it simple 6 ingredients if you like, or you can just let your imagination go wild.One-inch cubes of your favorite fish (best with firm fish, e.g. mahi-mahi, ahi, marlin, monk fish etc…will work great with calamari (squid) or tako (octopus)
Chopped watercress (or green of your choice: spinach, kale, dandelion, romaine lettuce etc.)
Very thin slices of red onion or chopped green onion (scallion)
Diced tomatoes

HanaHotties Hot Sauce, Lilikoi/Guava flavor, put on as much as you can handle. Tortillas or burrito wrap, either will work well.

Optional: Black beans Shredded Cheese: best with goat cheese, sharp cheddar or your favorite cheese.

Get the grill nice and hot, then Grill the fish; make sure not to over cook the fish. Warm up the wrap on the grill; keep an eye on the wrap it can burn fast. Place greens, onion, fish, tomatoes, HanaHotties hot sauce in the wrap. Enjoy!

Korean Short Ribs (Kal Bi)HanaHotties Style:

This is basically a marinate that can also be used on thin sliced pork or veal, and chicken or firm fish.


2 Cloves chopped garlic
1 TBS Brown sugar (raw or white sugar will work also)
2 TBS Soy sauce
1 TBS Sesame oil
2 TBS HanaHotties Pineapple Hot Sauce
Pinch of salt or to taste
1-Pound Short rib (or the meat of your choice)

In a large bowl mix the marinate ingredients until the sugar is dissolved. Add the short ribs to marinate. Coat the ribs with the marinate. Cover the bowl with some plastic wrap. Let it marinate in the refrigerator at least 2 hours, the longer it marinates the better, but not more than 48 hours for beef. It does take less time for thin sliced pork and veal to marinate. Way less time for fish, careful not to marinate fish too long you can actually “cook” the fish in the marinate, this will make the fish fall apart.

Remember the sugar will caramelize on the meat when you cook the meat; this sweetness of the caramelizing will compliment the heat from the HanaHotties hot sauce and the salt from the soy sauce.

To Grill or Fry?

Either way they are both tasty. Get the grill or cast iron fry pan nice and hot. Grill or fry to the texture you prefer. (Charred on the outside medium on the inside is tastiest). Remember to cook chicken until it is cooked through. Serve with rice and green salad.

HanaHotties BBQ Ribs: 6 hours

This recipe is for slow cooked BBQ pork this will work for; pork shoulder, baby back spare ribs, regular full rack spare ribs.

Start with a full shoulder or rack of ribs, make sure that its trimmed of excess fat, patted dry of moisture.

Liberally rub on the HanaHotties BBQ rub, seal it in aluminum foil and let it marinate over night in the fridge.

Next morning transfer the sealed content onto a baking sheet, keeping the foil sealed (make sure the sheet has lips to catch the drippings), basically its going straight from the fridge to the oven for a full rack (approx. 3-4 pounds) put into oven at 220 degrees for approx 6-8 hours (could be less depending on where you live). Take it out of the oven let cool a bit then  baste/brush it with BBQ sauce and grill it or put it under the broiler to brown the sauce before eating, this will melt in your mouth.

HanaHotties blackened fish fillet:

sprinkle on HanaHotties ALLspice rub on both sides of the fish. Get the frying pan nice and hot, a tiny bit of oil on the pan, put the filet on one side, when you see it smoke flip it to the other side, let it get a little crisp on the flip side , take off the heat and eat. yummy!!

Guacamole HanaHotties style:

Very simple dish; take a ripe avocado off the tree (find a nice avocado in your super market, if you don’t have an avocado tree). Put one medium sized avocado in a bowl (skinned and pitted of course),

add 1TBS HanaHotties Mango hot sauce or more if you like hotter
add 1TBS sesame oil
add 1ts balsamic vinegar
add 1TBS soy sauce (more or less to taste based on the size of the avocado)
mix all the ingredients together to the texture you desire and dip away.

Make a healthy sandwich or a wrap by spreading it on the bread or wrap and adding sliced tomatoes, lettuce (or green of your choice) some cheese, etc….let your imagination go wild!!!

Special uses of our HanaHotties Hot sauce from our Ohana.

Joey our Hana town post master likes to dip his bananas and other fruits into the HanaHotties Papaya hot sauce as a snack.

George Hong from LA, CA likes to put HanaHotties Mango hot sauce on plain avocado and mash it and eat it with his chips.

Frank and Pat Scanlon from NYC likes to put HanaHotties Pineapple hot sauce in with there fruit salad, especially if it has watermelon in the fruit salad.

Let us know how you like to enjoy your HanaHotties Gourmet Hot sauce. We’d like to put in on the recipe page along with the rest of the Ohana!!!